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Friday, 17 June 2011  at 7:21 pm

My lovelies! Finally exam time is starting to cool down abit. I still have three exams to write (statistics, biology paper 2 and psychology), I hope all my readers have been keeping well and healthy while I've been away! Now! Onto, what I came here for (laughs) I have brought with me a lovely fashion haul, but I have many fashion hauls waiting to be posted, so I will post a fashion haul every weekend. The fashion hauls I will be posting will be, what I bought over the course of two or three weeks. So please enjoy my lovelies!

I OF COURSE had to stop off at the Diva store, after all they were having a 50% off sale! Kaching!

Doesn't it look gothic? Trust me I'm not a goth (not discriminating here) but this ring is just...I love it. My mum forbid me to wear rings looks like I'm married? Anyway, but with my awesome persuasive skills, she bought this for me.

Atleast the shop has done some of the conversions for me. The ring originally was 107.77 zar ($16) and was reduced to 53.88 zar ($8). 
I honestly can't remember how much the head band cost me, but I think the marked down price was 50 zar ($7.36). I love the autumn leaves, the only reason why I chose this head band, it looks seamless when you put it on, it doesn't create bulges and the autumn leaves were a bonus.

Settled on a plain hoodie because I wanted to wear it for more casual days at uni, teamed with a denim skirt, tights and ankle boots.

The hoodie was 280 zar ($41.27).

Oh how I love this jacket! It tucks in at the waist and flares out. Perfect for pear shaped figures. The color also fits in perfectly with the minus 1 degree weather. I bought this a few weeks back, so when I went into the store that I originally bought this at, it was on sale. Needless to say, I bought the same coat in black because I love it so much. The jacket was 540 zar ($79.56) and was reduced to 350 zar ($51.57)

I hope all my lovely readers will enjoy their weekend!

Bye Bye

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