My samsung galaxy ace and a new handbag

Thursday, 23 June 2011  at 6:54 pm

Today I wrote statistics, it went okay, I guess. I'll pass it, so that will suffice for now. As I promised you lovelies out there, I have come with a Fashion Haul, featuring my Samsung galaxy Ace. Apparently, the phone was released recently? I don't know, but I didn't know that it was a new. I took it because it looked like an I-phone (laughs).

My new handbag~! Isn't it just lovely?

I love the stud detailing and that it looks edgy.

The handbag originally was priced at 199 zar ($28.99), but was then reduced to 149 zar ($21.71).

I bought a tinted lip moisturizer to get rid of my dual tone lips.

I must say, it is really moisturizing in the beginning, but as you use it more and more. I find that my lips seem to not be as moist and as soft as when I first used it. I bought the moisturizer for 249 zar ($36.28).

Alas, my new cellphone. My other phone is still in for repairs and I'm glad because right now I love this phone. If your anything like me and you like sleek looking phones, then I'm certain this phone won't disappoint you.

It has two back covers a black and a white one. The phone was about 3000 zar ($437). The phone has a 5 megapixel camera and has Android technology. I absolutely love it because this is my very first Android phone, I've never been a fan of Android, but now I am.

Black suede booties, bought them at Luella for 399 zar ($58.16), they were originally 699 zar ($101.85)

The only thing that annoys me about these boots are the noise it makes. I can't stand it when boots make a noise, it makes a kind of bell sound? I don't know, it just annoys me.

I HAD to buy another black skirt, you can never get enough of black skirts. I bought the skirt at Edgars for 99 zar ($14.42). I love the way the fabric was sewed together, like in stripes. This has to be the only black skirt that is form fitting and still makes my hips look nice.
My exam week is coming to a close next week Monday. So, updates should be coming in more regularly. I hope everyone will have a good Friday, because I'm off tomorrow. ^^

Bye Bye!


  1. good choice of a phone!
    i see gladiator like sandals, care to show a clearer picture?

  2. Thanks~! I'll post a clearer pic of the sandals in my next Fashion haul