Second attempt at tribal nail art

Sunday, 19 June 2011  at 1:01 pm

I've been procrastinating this past weekend. I have two exams looming and I'm blogging instead of studying, that's a good enough excuse right? (laughs). My lovelies, I've once again tried my hand at tribal nail art, I honestly am hooked on it. It is currently my favorite type of nail art. I like it so much, because it is the most forgiving, you can make a mistake and will still be able to mend it, without redoing your whole nail.

Do you notice anything different, my lovelies? I have a new cellphone~! I broke my other one because I'm a klutz and cellphones usually break when they're in my care. So, I settled on a Samsung Galaxy Ace, I only like it because it looks like an I-phone, but it will be featured in my next haul, so please wait until then.

Bye Bye

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