Some things that I found

Friday, 27 July 2012  at 4:42 pm

I was trying searching through some things in my room in search of earrings that I recently purchased but can't seem to find. I suspect someone stole them >< But anyway! So, I stumbled upon a few items that I forgot I had, let's take a look shall we?

 A teddy bear phone charm I bought in Hometown many, many, years ago

I love how the orange and gold compliment each other. These would be great to wear in Summer when your hairs tied back and everyone can see your earrings!

I want to make a peg line in my storage space so that I can hang up memories and pictures of favourite person and I. I don't have the correct string so I probably have to get that sometime this week.

The three bracelets were gifted to me by favourite person for Christmas, the leather white strap I bought at Foschini. I thought they would look great worn together as a layered bracelet look.

I hope all my lovelies have found this post somewhat interesting *laughs*

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!

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  1. You can honestly do a peg line with any string.. I used the string that people use for friendship bracelets and it works for me.