Birthday Haul

Sunday, 15 July 2012  at 8:25 am

I'm sorry for the lack of updates but so many things were happening and going on during the last week of my holiday. It was my birthday last week so I'm FINALLY 20! Saying good-bye to my teens feels kinda meh-ish. So, first it was my birthday then secondly favourite person surprised visited me, we hadn't seen each other the entire holiday because of some stuff that's going on, so when he came over I think two days after my birthday, it REALLY was a nice surprise! I'll upload his haul later sometime today if I get time. Then thirdly, I got a puppy for my birthday! SHE’S SO CUTE!! She's a mix between a Boerboel and a German Shepherd, I'll upload some pictures of her later today as well. She's the main reason why I haven't posted in such a while. I wake up at absurd hours JUST to take her out to poop. She came potty trained *laughs* she refuses to poop inside the house so that's a plus for me! So, I've been tired ever since I got her >< As I'm writing this post now she's biting my hoodie!

Let's get onto the post!

What would a birthday haul be without the mandatory birthday girl picture? I was talking to my mum that's why my face looks like that *laughs*

Vanilla, caramel and cream cake, yum yum!



I don't really like the fact that the holographic nail polish isn't that opaque but I'm going to experiment with a darker base color and see how that turns out 

I honestly thought that this was a gimmick, sorry Kangol! I was only convinced that it was holographic when I saw my nails in the sun, the effect that it created blew me away a bit

Dark knight on Blueray! That was actually a spur of the moment thing that my brother decided to buy me. All the other gifts besides these two were gifted to me by my mum. Spirited Away, I can't rave enough about how much I love it! I still want to get Howl's moving castle on DVD


Our nectarine tree is in bloom, aren't the flowers just pretty? For some reason, they remind me of Cherry blossoms
 So, that is all for my birthday haul, well semi-all *laughs* I didn't go out or anything that day, usually when it's my birthday I spend it either with favourite person or my family, it depends.

 Expect an update sometime in the afternoon or later, later today!

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!

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