Sunday, 15 July 2012  at 9:00 pm

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As I mentioned in my previous post I received a puppy as part of my birthday gifts. I usually don't name any of my animals because I suck with names. I was going to name my puppy piggy *laughs* so my mother named my puppy. I'm sure it's pretty evident in the name on how to say her name but just in case! You can never be too sure right? This is how you say her name, PIP-PEA, or pip for short, though she doesn't respond to pip that much *laughs* She's a 6 week old healthy puppy that has an extremely strong penchant for pooping ALOT! Gosh....her pooping just never ends, and it's not even reasonable pooping. I swear I've only had her for three days and the lawn is covered in POOP! But that's enough about that, I'm actually meant to be completing my pre-lab questions for my lab tomorrow...but that can wait *smiles*

 I was actually aiming at getting a Husky, they're just as cute but this cuties doe eyes and sad face captured me the moment I saw her. She's just too cute!

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!


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  2. You got one cute blog dear, loved the sweet little post & your sweet little pip-pea too.