Doubly pierced!

Thursday, 5 July 2012  at 6:08 pm

I've FINALLY -after many months of nagging- gotten my second ear piercing. I now have 4 piercings in total and I want to make it 5. Since none of the malls in my area did second ear piercings claiming that it was "against policy" to do second ear piercings, I went to a tattoo parlour to get it done. I must admit, I was scared out of my wits, and having my mum with me didn't help me much either. When they graciously announced to the both of us that it would be done with a needle, I almost died. But, considering every three months I go for blood tests I didn't think it would be too bad. My mum of course thought I would chicken out. She resigned herself to the entrance of the tattoo parlour and refused to be with me while I was having my piercing done *laughs*. When I got it done, it burnt like HELL! No one told me it would be so sore! It was so sore I had a fever that same day and had to be on painkillers for two days. It's all worth it *smiles* I love my second piercing SO MUCH!  I keep tucking my hair back behind my ears so every one can see *laughs* My third piercing would have to be a conch piercing ABSOLUTELY love the look of them.

Does anyone have a conch piercing? And did it hurt much?

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  1. Congrats!!! I've been wanting additional piercings for years now and I've already done my nagging to get my mom to agree xD but now it's all up to me. Once we actually went to get it done, but the piercer wasn't there -.-;; Now I'm hoping to get it done with a needle, but they're so expensive compared to the gun, hence why I haven't gone yet. And you make it sound so painful, so I'm even more hesitant to go now LOL

  2. Thanks Jessica! When I read that the piercer wasn't there, I wished on the day that I got it done that the piercer wasn't there, ahaha. What other additional piercings have you been considering getting? Well, with a needle I do think it's better since recovery time is less. Like, I'm probably going to get the conch piercing at the end of this year and when it's done with a needle it takes 6 months-1 year to heal! But it's shorter than with a gun. With the pain of it being done with a needle, everyone has different pain thresholds, mine just happens to be very low. I know that some people actually like the feeling and the burning sensation of the needle, I personally don't DX But, if you really want your piercings you'll get through the pain. I know I had to LOL

    1. LOL. Yeah, I guess. It'll do it when I'm finally willing to splurge $65 USD for them. It's not a lot, but for piercings, it's kind of pricy and doesn't seem worth it in the short run :P I want 3 more lobe piercings and a tragus. So I want two lobe piercings on my left ear and three lobe + tragus on my right ear. Even now I'm not much of an earring person (my ears are empty 99% of the time) so I sort of don't want to put so many holes on my ears for nothing LOL.

    2. Getting piercings done with a needle is pretty pricy I only realized now actually that when I got mine done it cost 340 zar ($41.23) and that's one of the reasons why my mum didn't want me to get it done, because it's a bit pricy. Ahaha, I never wore earrings ever I would buy all these earrings and never wear them, so, hopefully with another piercing I'll wear them more often XD Gosh! But you seem more daring than me! I was thinking about a tragus piercing, I don't think it would hurt THAT much, LOL

  3. I've always wanted a second piercing haha. Sad to say I'm too chicken to get one though :P I always end up cheating by wearing those magnetic earrings to look like I actually have a second piercing on each ear :P

    Thanks for sharing your experience!


  4. Ahaha! I doubt you're too chicken, when you really, really want to get more piercings you'll get them ^^