What a day

Sunday, 22 April 2012  at 1:38 am

It is now a juicy 01:16 am morning! I've been listening to karaoke provided by my lovely neighbours for three hours straight! They aren't good at all...if they could at least attempt to keep a note it would be ear worthy. So, I get into the car this morning to accompany my mum, to go grocery shopping, she then proceeds to swear at me and tell me how useless I am, and that she doesn't know what's going to happen to me, and that I rely on everyone else and I never do anything for myself. I got an earful, so we haven't spoken and my day has been royally messed up from that incident. I failed one of my block tests for one of my majors and she's stressed and worried about that. But, I still have a chance to make it up, I still have another block test coming up and June examinations. I'll have to work like crazy and collapse because of exhaustion.

My mum is just so stressed out lately and everyone knows that the mother sets the mood of the household, because she's so stressed out and always angry no one talks to each other in the house any more. It's starting to take a toll on my health, I've been getting headaches and my eyes have been bloodshot everyday because of lack of sleep, I've also been getting recurring nightmares and all this crap. It sucks.

But anyway, onto the actual post! I have a few in-changing room pictures of a few jersey type tops I tried on in preparation for winter. Since, I usually get laryngitis in winter they're all polo necks or cowl neck sweaters.

Matchy, matchy

This throw over jersey is in a size L *laughs* I have this rule, that if I think it looks good I don't care what size it is in I'll buy it but my mum wouldn't buy it for me. I thought it was so cute!

I really liked this top, but it wasn't long enough, not even my height could compensate for how short this top is

And then I want to know why I'm failing I'm always cam-whoring
I hope everyone will enjoy the last remnants of their weekend!

Till the next post!
Bye Bye!

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