Designer tights part 1

Sunday, 15 April 2012  at 3:32 pm

Uni has been so stressful lately! *wipes sweat off temples* Ever since block 1 ended it's been non-stop work, work, work. It's killing me! Not to mention I hardly have the time to spend quality time with my favourite person *sigh* the life of a uni student. During these stressful times my eye-sight gets progressively worse because they're tired of reading through the endless jargon scientists have to offer. The one aspect I absolutely loathe about uni are the endless amounts of tests and assignments. Don't get me wrong I love writing scientific reports (spoken like a true scientist!) but don't ask me to present my findings in front of the entire class! I'll rather do the work, someone else can enjoy the sound of their voice for a few short minutes. Besides that, I hate that you can write a test that you THINK note the think that you wrote really well and you receive the most awful mark you've ever received in your entire short-lived uni career. It happened to me in physiology test I just wrote a few weeks back.

But, enough of my ranting! I recently discovered the designer tights everyone seems to be wearing on fashion blogs these days. As everyone might have noticed I love tights! I think they elongate my legs and just make them look leaner and slimmer. Personally, because I'm so short-1.57cm- tights give me an added confidence boost!

cardigan: Trueworths
Top: Queenspark
Shorts: Jay Jays
Tights: Trueworths
Shoes: can't remember
ring: Diva
necklace: Foschini

My attempt at jumping *laughs* I haven't jumped in forever so this was a sad attempt

I hope everyone has had a good week!
Back to the grind stone tomorrow! Ugh!

Till the next post!

Bye Bye~

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