Tuesday, 10 April 2012  at 7:41 pm
I have never really preferred Revlon's range of nail polishes, simply because every shade I have ever tried always looked horrible on my nails or awful with my skin tone. I currently only own three bottles of Revlon nail polish, disappointing I know *laughs* I decided to try out one of their Top Speed shades in a peach colour, I was in search for the perfect peach colour that would illuminate my skin tone from my nails upwards *laughs* I haven't found it yet...

I didn't have time to clean up, I did this gradient before my final block test *laughs* and I ended up remonving everything from my nails after.

Top and base coat: Revlon's Multi base and top coat
Peach base coat: Revlon's Top Speed Polished
White nail polish: Some nail growing nail polish that was white so I used that instead of white nail polish
White glitter: Body glitter

The gradient isn't as clear in these pictures but it didn't look to bad on my nails I like the idea of a icy white gradient on a peach base coat, reminds me of winter for some reason.

Until the next post!

Bye Bye~

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