Stripes+caramel ice-cream= The start to a good day

Sunday, 8 April 2012  at 3:11 pm

The weathers been cooling down as winter approaches. I think we're in autumn now *laughs* I only ever know when it's winter or summer. I'm turning 20 soon and I don't feel a day over 17 *laughs* This morning I went to a farm that's quite close to my house. They sell the best ice-cream (that isn't made from the cows on the farm) and sell the freshest food. They have the best Sunday buffet breakfasts, absolutely adore! But, it's pricey and wasted on me because I don't eat much. A plate per person is 110 zar ($13.94), but if you think about it, you pay quite a lot but in the end you can eat all your money back *laughs* but as I said, in my case that idea doesn't work with me. So, of course since we had semi-pleasing scenery and I had stripy tights on, I had to cam-whore!

Dress: Trueworths
Scarf: Woolworths
Tights: Edgars
Shoes: Luella (falling apart)
Cardigan: Woolworths

A side of complementary cam-whoring

Yum! Yum! Caramel ice-cream, the start of a good morning!
I hope everyone enjoyed this post!

Till the next post!

Bye Bye~


  1. Your tights look great! Lovely outfit as well. It's nice that you went to a farm, there are none close to where I am so I don't get to experience that ):

  2. Aaw, that sucks! Farms are really nice if you can get past the smell of manure, ahaha!