Polka dots and a red cardigan

Friday, 13 April 2012  at 7:08 pm

So, last night I stayed up until 1 am chatting to favourite person, I had an assignment due the next day and a pre-lab test, oh the joys of procrastination. Today is also our anniversary, but he couldn't make it and didn't come into uni. I won't lie but when something like that happens it just kinda kills me, after all your anniversary is MEANT to be spent with the one you love right? It's your special day, no one else's. But, I guess these things happen, right?

Tonight I bring to you my lovely lovelies! An OFTD and some complementary cam-whoring *laughs* Oh, and as a side note, I'm sure most of my lovelies have noticed but I now have a coupons side bar thingy. All the coupons I receive I'll post in this side bar so, please use them!

cardigan: Trueworths
Tank top: Woolworths
Skirt: Jay Jays
Shoes: Foschini
Bag: Edgars

For some reason my hair only curls on one side and not the other, so annoying!

I hope everyone will have an enjoyable weekend!

Till the next post!

Bye Bye~

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