Saturday, 1 October 2011  at 1:15 pm

My lovelies! So, yesterday I had the opportunity to go on a little adventure with my favorite person after uni yesterday! Usually I'm not allowed to go out on a Friday after lectures because of maths tutorials that keep me at uni until five, but, fortunately lectures were cancelled yesterday, so I could spend some good quality time with my favorite person. It didn't all work out according to plan, I happened to be upset on the Friday, and we had a fight and, it didn't go well up until a certain point. So, the entire trip to this mystery destination (I didn't know where he was taking me, he didn't want to tell me) I didn't talk to him (laughs), it was really bad, I elevated the tension in the car to a whole new level. We usually argue playfully but this was something else. So, we arrive at the place and immediately I start smiling, he didn't see though. I have never been to a...well, I would call it like a mini China Town? It was awesome! I didn't know that over here they had places like that, I was pleasantly surprised. But, back to the argument, so we sit in the car in a parking bay, and the tension is rising, he tells me he'll be right back, and I'm thinking to myself, is he honestly leaving me here by myself? After a few minutes I get a message, it's from him. So, we message each other until we sort out the situation, just as I'm about to tell him to come back, he's standing by my window with bubble tea! I've never in my life had bubble tea! Never, ever! Bubble tea was something I always use to fantasize about? Like, I would try and think up of tastes and flavors and imagine it tasting like that. So, from there, everything went smoothly. Best Friday of my life (so far) except the fight (laughs). I of course have pictures, but not of what the shops look like, I only have a food haul. He wouldn't allow me to take pictures and my phone was dying so I couldn't take any. So, I apologize for that, but when I go back I'll take pictures.

All the items I bought were chosen by my favorite person, because I had no idea what to buy or what tasted good. When were in the supermarket, he kept telling me that I'm like a tourist, because I didn't know what anything was (laughs).

I haven't drank this yet, it's milk tea. Out of the four drinks that I bought, I didn't like any of them (laughs), they were for me a bit bitter? I have a high tolerance for sweet things so, something that usually is very sweet for someone else isn't for me. I asked my favorite person if the drinks were sweet and he said they were, and for me it wasn't. He even made my bubble tea extra sweet and it wasn't sweet at all (laughs).

This was good! It was refreshing! I had to share it with my brother because I couldn't eat it all, but it was good.

My tea strainer! I love this beauty. I wanted to buy china bowls and chopsticks and chopstick holders and a wok and so many things! But he wouldn't allow me to! Next time, there's always a next time.

For the entire trip I spent...a little over 100 zar ($12.35), so it was a good shopping day!

OFTD, sorry for the poopy looking pictures, I only had my lousy 5 MP camera to work with.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!

Till the next post!

Bye Bye!


  1. Thats so cute~
    Where is the chinatown you went to?
    It's kind of funny how you're amazed with the stuff there, probably because you don't see it much, but being asian and always seeing this stuff over here in vancouver is like ' oh, that thing' but I"m probably sure, it would be the same for me if I went back and bought south african chips and candy or whatever =]

    bubble tea is popular in s.a now? do you like it? I know you can make it at home

  2. It's um...kinda close to my uni, but I would have to ask my bf where it is, (laughs). Yeah, I honestly was amazed, my bf was getting so annoyed at me, because I was acting like a child that just entered a candy store (laughs).

    I expected the bubble tea to be much more sweeter, like say sweeter than a caramel frappe from mcdonalds. So, I was surprised when it wasn't. No, it's not popular in s.a hardly anyone knows about it down here. Hmm...it was oki, that's all I'll say (laughs).