A bit of morning routine and NOTD

Sunday, 2 October 2011  at 7:11 pm

I was meant to upload this, this morning already! I'm such a horrible blogger! Me and time have never been in a healthy relationship with each other (laughs). So, as the title suggests, I want my lovelies to see a bit of my morning routine, well, actually it use to be my morning routine until my favorite person came into my life. This has been the first time in ages or well in a very long time that I've done something like this. I hope this blog update won't disappoint you all!

This! Is what I woke up to! i should've realized that the weather was going to be like this, it had been thundering the previous night, oh well. It's still thundering and it's raining now, believe it or not, this is our summer season, I hate summer rain to the core.

Oh, how I love this building.

Order up! Two sausage mcmuffins with egg, a hash brown, one coffee and....

a caramel frappe! Yum! Yum! Yum! I first tried this with my favorite person and fell in love with it, the minute it bathed my taste buds in its caramelly sweetness!

I haven't done anything special to my nails in a while, but he was the one that inspired this.

My frankensteins don't look very scary, do they?

I wish all my lovelies a wonderful working week ahead!

Till the next post

Bye bye!

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