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Tuesday, 18 October 2011  at 8:16 pm

My lovelies! I'm going for my drivers tomorrow, oh the joy! Hopefully, I actually get my license this time. Honestly, having to get a lift with my brother to university...isn't as nice as I had imagined it to be. He has mood swings and all this extra baggage, it's annoying. So hopefully I get it tomorrow, wish me luck! So, today after uni, I spent some quality time with my boyfriend (smiles). It twas very nice (smile, smile). I was going to put one of the many conversations that make me laugh when I think of them, but I don't think I should. So, onto a mini fashion haul and more cam-whoring!

I kind of conned my mum into buying these awesomely ripped jeans for me. She thought that underneath the rip-pings was fabric to prevent the ripping from totally destroying the pants (laughs). There's no fabric underneath, no nothing! Rip-pings in all their glory! I love these pants, she said to me "never AGAIN am I buying jeans like that" I have to treasure these with my life (laughs).

Absolutely ripped to glory, magnificent isn't it? (laughs)

For my boyfriend, there's no end for us <3

I hope all my lovelies will enjoy their Wednesday working day! I have the day off because of my drivers test, I honestly pray to God that I get my drivers license.

Till the next post!
Bye Bye!

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  1. cute outfit and top :) Love your nail art too!