A pinch of procrastination

Sunday, 23 October 2011  at 2:12 pm

So, in approximately two hours, I'm meant to be attending tutor lectures. I haven't prepared for the lecture and I've already missed a double lecture in uni because I had to go for my drivers. Instead I'm cam-whoring, thinking of my boyfriend and updating my blog. I'm well on my way to passing my November exams aren't I? (laughs). I've been procrastinating and lazing around a lot lately. I have a reason, and it's a valid one! I FINALLY got my drivers! So, I officially look like a 14 year old that can drive. (laughs) The lady that tested me was such a bitch! (I apologize for my crude language) but there's no other way to describe her. She was horrid, but at least she gave me my drivers. I didn't even know I passed because she didn't tell me, she told me to sit down, she filled out some forms and then only did I realize that I had passed, see? She's a bitch! This will probably be my last post until exams end. November exams are tensing me up so bad! At least favorite person and I finish on the same day, which is his birthday! (smile). We live in different parts of our province so I use to believe that he didn't know how to get to any of the malls in my area. I use to ask him all the time "how do you know how to get here", then he would tell me "I use my mind or that he has a map in his head". I can't quite remember what he said, but I realized from that day that I wanted to be with him. Between the two of us, I'm the awkward one and he's the adventurous, non-awkward one. (laughs) Today! I come with heaps of cam-whoring, a fashion haul and OFTD's!

Shoes bought at Trueworths
Billowey top bought at Jay Jay's
Handbag bought at Woolworths
Hello Kitty bought at Woolworths
All three nailpolishes bought at Foshini
I bought all the items some time ago, just never had time to upload my haul.

At least the appearance of crack nail polish down here is becoming more and more frequent, but OPI is still sold out on cracked goodness.

My Hello Kitty capsule! Isn't she cute?

I waited FOREVER for this bag to get reduced! I use to walk by it every time I went into Woolworth's, then my mum picks me up from uni one day and tells me to look beneath my seat. There it was! My lovely handbag, but it was in the wrong color (laughs) so i had to exchange it.

I decided to go a bit crazy and take pictures of the OFTD's I was meant to.

With love!

I hope everyone will have a good working week ahead! I have a presentation tomorrow, then a date with favorite person on Tuesday, the joys of uni life (smile).

Till the next post!
Bye Bye!

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