Sunday, 25 September 2011  at 2:29 pm

Finally, I'm updating in the afternoon and not in the evening. So, yesterday I went to Sandton mall. It's this kinda big-ish mall, down here. It's not that big, but there's a lot of hype about it. Malls don't really interest me anymore, only the clothes they have interest me. I think it's because I've almost been to every mall in my area, but, in my boyfriends area I haven't, but I'm slowly but surely scouting the area (laughs). I wish malls were wow worthy, in my opinion they're all the same, well down here they are. They all follow the same pattern, they have the usual low priced retail stores, some essential make-up stores and a few high-end boutiques. It's getting kinda boring. I think I need a change...like going overseas with my boyfriend! That would work just fine with me.

OFTD, rocking my boyfriends hoodie with my heart printed skirt!
I hope everyone will have a pleasant Sunday afternoon! This week will at least be exciting, besides the calculus test I have to write I get to spend time with my boyfriend after lectures (smile).

Till the next post

Bye Bye~!

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