Catching up part 1

Friday, 2 September 2011  at 8:54 pm

Finally! Another test week has passed by without any hiccups, and by hiccups I mean failing subjects. Thankfully I passed one of my majors just waiting for the results from my other major. So, this will be my catching up series of blog posts! I've been neglecting my lovelies and I apologize for that. I haven't had much time lately love life took a turn for the worst and then it was test week, and blah blah. Anyway! I survived it! And I'm ready to move on!

My spring dress! Today was the first day of spring here, and....I had no idea. This dress would've been perfect for the  wonderful nostalgic spring weather, oh well. I bought this at Trueworth's for 399 zar ($56.39).

I bought this lace top at Trueworth's...I have no idea how much it was priced at (laughs), if I estimate I think it was about   299 zar ($42.26). I also didn't notice but lace is in this season...I haven't been noticing a lot of things besides my textbooks.

Bought this oversized sheer top from Trueworth's as well for 270 zar ($38.16).

I did a little "housekeeping" shopping. One of the house ware shops were having a huge sale! Like 75% close to 80% sale...I had to buy something...

The Geisha tea stackacle set was originally 99 zar ($13.98) and I bought it for 24.75 zar ($3.49).

My favourite item! A couple's fondue set! Though I don't have anyone to use it with (forever alone!) it was too cute to pass up, besides it was the last one, so I bought it. It was orginally priced at 299 zar ($38.16) I bought it for 179 zar ($25.29).

And last but not least, I bought a heart shaped waffle set, it was originally priced at 99 zar ($13.99) and I bought it for 24.75 zar ($3.49). Then I decided to buy more nail polish not that I have enough already, the pink bottle is called English Rose and the greyish white bottle is called Unicorn, I bought them both for 49 zar ($6.92) at Trueworth's.

My first attempt at spring nails and drawing roses on my nails.

I hope all my lovelies will have a wonderful weekend! I know I'm looking forward to mine. Sleepless nights studying does disastrous things to the completion (laughs)

Until the next update

Bye Bye!

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