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Friday, 16 September 2011  at 7:51 pm

My lovelies! So, I just got back from the mall a few hours ago. Favorite person and I went on a date! Well, we go on many, but this one..I don't know, it was different for me. I didn't want to be away from him. I mean usually I don't want him to leave my side, but this time it was just hard to say goodbye. I think I'm becoming too clingy too be honest, I don't know. But now that I think about it he was moaning a lot in the shops, it was so cute! He was dragging out the time before I had to leave...I wish we never had to be separated from each other. My mum for some reason can't understand how I can spend so much time with one person, she keeps asking me "doesn't he get tired of seeing your face?" (laughs) she's so heartless sometimes. So, today I come with a fashion haul, an OFTD and a bit of cam-whoring!

Jeans + Slouchy t-shirt= all bought from Edgars

He's the only one able to make me crack a smile in a picture (laughs).
I apologize in advance my lovelies! I bought the items from my fashion haul...a while back, so I have no prices. All the shoes I bought were on sale but the clothes weren't (laughs).

I bought the shorts and cotton blue top from Trueworth's.

Are cotton tops meant to be cool in summer?

I bought the ring from...crazy fish I think. On my nails I have Kangol's "click click" nail colour in English Rose. I bought it for 49 zar ($6.58).

I hope all my lovelies will enjoy the weekend ahead! And get some much deserved rest!

Till the next post

Bye Bye!

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