Spring break!

Saturday, 10 September 2011  at 10:03 pm

Finally, spring break is upon me! I've waited for my week long holiday, kindly granted by my university for forever now! Honestly, university has been so hectic! I heard on Friday that 350 students from my biology class had been de-registered, we're only 500 so not much of us left. That kinda scared me, it gave me a wake up call, I have to work harder! Studying biology is my passion, just imagining myself not being able to carry on with my studies in biochemistry kills me. I love this course too much to give it up too low marks. But, anyway, I know I haven't been updating lately but my life has gotten in the way (laughs). Remember when I said that my love life took a turn for the worse? Well, last week it uplifted itself again, so, yeah. By uplifting I mean I'm off the singles train again by the same guy that took me off it in the first place (laughs). Tonight, I come with an OFTD, I do have an extensive fashion haul dying to be uploaded, but since I have time on my hands, I will upload that tomorrow.

  1. Blue knitwear top + Black tank top underneath + Black skirt- from Trueworths
My brother FINALLY allowed me to use his D3100 so I took full advantage of it and snapped an  OFTD, I wore this today.

I hope all my lovelies will have a fantastic Sunday! 
Until the next post
Bye bye!

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