Trials| Colgate Optic White Kit (One shade whiter in one week!)

Monday, 27 January 2014  at 12:02 pm

The weather is so dreary this afternoon! It's overcast and still humid! If the humidity could tone itself down a bit, I would love this weather! So, I haven't mentioned this to anyone before, but I have an obsession with getting my teeth whiter! I don't know what it is with shiny, pearly whites, but they make me happy *laughs*. I guess my obsession can be attributed to the fact that I drink a lot of coffee (especially during exam time) and coke! These two bad boys stain my canines to pieces and every time I take a glimpse of my canines in the mirror I can't help but cringe at the light yellow stain that stares back at me (ew!). So I decided to test out Colgate's "Optic White kit!" that claims to get your teeth one shade whiter in one week!

I only used the toothbrush as a cheek and tongue cleaner because I hate manual toothbrushes *laughs* I find that mechanical toothbrushes clean much more effective than manual toothbrushes! I'd like to describe the toothpaste as the usual minty flavour, but there's something off about the flavour that says to you (don't keep me in your mouth for long). I generally hate mouthwashes because they burn the crap out of my mouth and their flavours are so strong I struggle to gargle for the recommended 30 seconds as suggested. The mouthwash in the optic white kit was no excuse, I absolutely hated it! I'll never get accustomed to the strong minty, burn your mouth out taste of mouthwashes! Despite saying that, I loved the clean feeling it left in my mouth after I gargled with it! I hate the feeling of plague build up on my teeth! I can safely say that the optic white kit has been keeping that feeling at bay. I feel to some extent that it keeps my teeth cleaner for longer especially since I've incorporated a mouthwash into my routine. 

Before using Colgate "Optic White"

Excuse the "looks like my lipstick bled into my mouth" look *cringe* it never bleeds into my mouth, but it just happened to on this occasion. One thing that I have to emphasize is brushing twice a day, if you want to achieve one shade whiter, within the recommended time period of one week. For my brushing routine, I brushed my teeth with the optic white toothpaste in the mornings and at night I'd brush with the toothpaste and gargle too. I think it's overkill to gargle twice a day! Especially since the chemicals in mouthwash are harsh! Speaking about chemicals, the two chemicals that intrigued me the most were, pentasodium triphosphate and tetrapotassium pyrophosphate. These intrigued me the most because I don't see them commonly in toothpastes! From what I gather both pentasodium triphosphate and tetrapotassium pyrophosphate are chelating agents that serve to remove metal ions calcium and magnesium from the saliva so that they do not deposit onto your teeth. Which is why I had the "it feels like my teeth stay cleaner for longer" feeling. By removing magnesium and calcium, tartar build up is kept at bay, which I love! These two chemicals work together like brother and sister, they have each other's back all the time *laughs*

After using Colgate "Optic White"

It's safe to say that after using the Colgate "Optic White kit" for one week, my teeth had definitely gone one shade whiter thanks to sodium hydroxide (and other chemicals!). I'd definitely repurchase this kit again, only because it isn't as abrasive as other whiteners out there, and it works perfect as a maintainer to keep teeth white!

I hope you enjoyed today's post! And I'd loved to know  what whitening kits have you tried and tested!
Till we meet again!
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