Review| Yardley Long Wear Lips in Plumberry

Tuesday, 21 January 2014  at 2:40 pm

I've been loving the matte lip trend lately and since I'm wishing for Winter down here, I had to try my "lips" at the matte trend! I picked up Yardley's Long Wear lip color in Plumberry. I'm sure everyone knows I love my plum shades because I feel it suits my warm skin tone perfectly! I bought the lipstick for 99zar::$9.14 which is much cheaper than the other lipstick brands out there. Before we get into the review, I'll give you a break down of the state of my lips *laughs*. I have very dry lips that get chapped amazingly fast in Summer!

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Since I don't own a lip brush and probably won't for a while, I thank every beauty manufacturer that makes a lipstick in a similar shape of a doe foot applicator. It's pretty easy to apply onto the lips because of the shape. The only downside for me is, when I apply it, I can feel the moisture draining from my lips! So my advice to anyone who has dry lips and want to take full advantage of the matte lip trend moisturise the night before! I moisturise my lips every night because even if the lipstick is moisturising my lips are still bound to look cracked at the end of the day! 

This is one coat of the lipstick and it's pretty pigmented which I love because it masks dual pigmented lips! I love the color and it'll be perfect for the upcoming cooler days (even though that's only in a couple of months!) The one downside of the product is the packaging, in my opinion there's nothing appealing about it except what's inside the packaging *laughs*

The lipstick could probably give you a good 3+ hours of wear if you don't eat and drink too much. If you're having a big meal it'll leave a stain on your lips but touch ups are necessary. It doesn't give the stain of a lip stain (of course) but there's still a noticeable stain left behind. The lipstick has only bled into the corners of my lips if my lips are very dry that day, but other than that, if my lips are moisturised I don't experience any bleeding.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and till we meet again!
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  1. The colour looks great on you , i do apply a lip balm on my lips before i use any lip stick.Nice review

  2. Beautiful color! Looks great on you.

    May from La Vie En May