Travel Log| Charly's Bakery! (Cape Town)

Saturday, 18 January 2014  at 9:32 pm

Our last stop for tonight is the awesome bakery "Charly's Bakery!" For anyone that has cable...or DSTV down here in the south, you would have heard or watched Charly's Bakery. It airs on the Food Network channel and I use to watch it every. single. night. Finally when I went down to my home-town, my mum and I decided enough watching on the screen, we need to see them in real life and off we went! To my disappointment the bakery was packed! (I hate waiting in lines for anything) and it was really, really hot that day I can't express enough how hot it was in the bakery! It came to a point where I was sweating like a pig and melting in the bakery waiting for my baked goods. That being said, the cake was amazing! I heard someone say that if you haven't tried one of Charly's cakes you haven't tasted cake before (something along those lines) and they were right! We ordered a chocolate cake, smothered in chocolate sauce and a plain chocolate cake with chocolate shavings on top. Amazing! I loved everything I ate! I hope you enjoy today's post!

I know this picture looks meh-ish, too bad I couldn't jump over the counter and take pictures from there *laughs*

Just because this man is amazing!

I couldn't take a picture of the extra saucy chocolate cake, because it was so good it was gobbled up the minute it hit the kitchen counter *laughs*

This was also really good, a moist chocolate cake you can never go wrong with that!

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!


  1. OMG I absolutely love wall art or really colorful buildings and Charly's bakery is like my dream come true hahahaha! Sweets in a cute building! What more can you ask for? Your outfit is really cute but I bet you were totally baked by the blackness of your dresss >___< hahaha!

    1. OMW Lena! I was totally baked!! Everyone in the shop was staring at me like *why are you sweating so much??* DX Lol I visited Charly's bakery because I loved how it looked XD I'm a sucker for pretty packaging! Ahaha!