Travel Log| Spier (Stellenbosch)

Sunday, 12 January 2014  at 8:47 pm

Our next stop tonight, is a restaurant nestled in the heart of Stellenbosch called Spier (said like Spear). For anyone that hasn't been down here (Cape Town) I'd say the three things one must do is, taste the seafood (always fresh!), visit Kirstenbosch (beautiful botanical garden) and take a trip to Stellenbosch. Stellenbosch has rows upon rows of vineyards, greenery and a never ending view of hills. It looks absolutely magical! Spier was the restaurant my family and I lost along the way and decided to go strawberry picking *laughs*. We didn't get a chance to sit and eat because it was packed! Trying to rent a picnic basket was like pulling out teeth because service was slow that day. So I have mostly outfit pictures to share tonight! Spier use to work on a "all you can eat till you pop" system, where you pay R250::$23.44 and you can eat until 2am in the morning. But now, you don't pay R250 you pay for what you eat, so it's more restaurant like. Which bummed me out, because I love buffet type restaurants! I hope you enjoy tonight's post!

I honestly don't know what type of shop "Moyo" is but when I went inside, it had pretty artwork and sculptures. I'd say it's a cross between a restaurant and a shop, so if anyone visits Spier drop by Moyo.

Till the next post!
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  1. What a wonderful trip, such a lovely place:) I'd love to visit it with a great pleasure too) Lovely snapshots as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

  2. Awww I wanna visit Spier, it looks really nice! Too bad they eliminated the buffet style, I love buffets too. All my life, my parents only ate at buffets 'cause they thought it was the most cost-efficient way of eating out... Asians go figure XD but yeah there's a special place in my heart for buffets :P I really like your sandals, I wanted something like this for a long time but I never find anything simple enough, they always have too many straps or too much bling >_<

    1. Ahahha! I still believe the most cost efficient way is to eat at a buffet, open up those pants zips and stuff yourself! XD The only problem is, because I don't have a big appetite I have to like starve myself a bit, to eat all I can eat and enjoy the full buffet experience. The sandals that have too many straps I usually walk away from, this one only had two, I can deal with two lol