Review| Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Sunday, 4 August 2013  at 3:50 pm
Evening Lovelies!

I just got back from watching Pacific Rim with my brother! Can words even describe the amount of mind-gasm that was going on in that movie? No, no they cannot. Honestly, I knew it was going to blow my mind, but not to this extent. What made it even better were the hints of Evangelion Neon Genesis in the movie. No one can tell me the fact that they had mind melds and instances where there were neuronal problems didn't make you think about Evangelion. It was just...pure awesome!

Since I've only recently gotten in to the habit of wearing lip balm stains, I decided to review Revlon's "Just Bitten Kissable Balm stain" I know that this product was released last year sometime, but down here I only recently found out about it. One thing I have to point out about these lip balm stains is how pigmented they are! I swear, all you lovelies with dual toned lips, you have to try Revlon's lip balm stain. It adds a healthy dose of color to your lips without overpowering them. It lasts all day, even when you drink and eat, you're left with a subtle stain on your lips. The key thing for me about this product is how hydrating it is, I don't feel discomfort when I wear it, but I always make sure I have a film of Vaseline on my lips to keep them moist. I don't wear any lip products without applying Vaseline first, because my lips are naturally dry. I chose two colors, "Adore" and "Crush", "Adore" reminds me of the colors of strawberries, it's a light sheer red tone that is build-able. "Crush" is the perfect shade of berry, I absolutely love it!



I hope this post was helpful and if anyone has watched Pacific Rim let me know in the comments section below what were your thoughts on it!

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!