What's in my nail art box

Saturday, 9 June 2012  at 1:40 pm

I'm finally back! My last exam went...eh(?) *laughs* I really hate exams, but I don't know anyone who loves them. As the title suggests it's my little spin off on the traditional "what's in my make-up bag" since I don't wear make-up and I personally hate make-up. I do though really want to try the ever popular BB cream! But is it supplied in my shade? I hate the effect foundation creates, I'm no make-up guru, but BB cream seems much more lighter than foundation. Foundation creates a cakey effect if not applied correctly, but this is a rant for another post *laughs*
I'll be sharing what's in my nail art box and a few of my absolute must haves that everyone should use to do nail art if you're a beginner.

This cutey holds some of my nail art sequences 

Let's start off with the tools

Cuticle clipper, don't get too cuticle clipping happy like I get, I once cut into my skin because I was so obsessed with getting rid of my cuticles

Have to have a Hello Kitty nail file!

When I was teaching myself how to paint with these brushes as you can see I completely messed up one of my brushes, these brushes are really hard to use and you have to have steady hands. I believe in painting my nails and creating designs with a fine paint brush instead of sticking on some sequence and stickers.

An easier way to create black stripes and designs.

They look like condoms I know *laughs* but they're used to put over your fingers to protect them from smudging and messing up your hard-work. 

Onto the fun stuff!

Easiest way to create a lace effect buy lots of lace in a pattern you prefer and cut it up to the shape of your nail and press it on over nail polish that hasn't dried completely.

The only splurge besides my O.P.I black shatter nail polish. Inglot is really expensive down here. I was in search of a white shatter nail polish and Inglot was the only company at the time that had it in stock.

Pearls....that I can't really use *laughs* I need to cut them in half so they don't bulge like crazy on my nail.

3D sticker thingies, haven't used them yet because they're so cute!

It's just so cute!

Want sparkly party nails in a flash? Mix glitter of different colours, apply a top coat onto your nails and apply the glitter with your finger gently pressing the glitter onto the wet base coat.

There are a lot of sequences and stickers I haven't used because most of the nail art I do, I do with my paint brushes.

Sadly, my nails have been this way, nice and short for a couple of weeks now. They've lost the feeling of nail polish *sob*
I hope my lovelies can take something away from this post, if you haven't I'll try and make the next post more informative *laughs*

Till we meet again

Bye Bye!

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