Two more to go

Sunday, 3 June 2012  at 1:18 pm

Lovelies....all is not well in the land of paradise. So, I only have two exams left to write, well it's technically one test and one exam. Let's say that Thursdays exam last week was oki....I don't want to jynx it since I'm suspicious like that. I've felt lately really....I can't describe it, melancholic? No, sad? No, maybe....a bit down. I feel like some things that are extremely important to me have changed, I don't know what it is. I probably shouldn't be broadcasting my inner turmoil but....I don't really discuss these things with anyone other than favourite person. My mum comes into my room and just tells me something so annoying that she knew would upset me, and I allowed it to get to me. Though I don't want to admit that I'm stressed out but I am, I can feel it. I get agitated easily, cry easily everything happens to easily. But these things make you stronger, right? It's just hard to find the strength sometimes. I'm trying to hold back the tears *laughs* I'm not that weak I know my strengths, I know what makes me stronger. I just wish some people in my life would see that. I'm not as useless as they think, I haven't come this far in life by sheer luck.

Oh well, everything happens for a reason, there's a reason certain things are happening and I believe they'll get better with time or sort themselves out.

Posts will be trickling in sometime this week Thursday or Friday.

Till we meet again.

Bye Bye!

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