Bornprettystore review

Thursday, 28 June 2012  at 4:24 pm

This review is LONG overdue and I apologize for that. I was approached by a representative from Bornprettystore to review one of their products. I was allowed to choose which product I wanted to review. I chose a product that I have never seen before down here and have never heard about. There were so many different products to choose from it was hard to settle on just one. I ended up choosing the "Magic magnetic nail polish with magnetic plate #01"

The magic nail polish works on the pretense of magnetic particles. There are particles in the nail polish that "respond" to the magnetic plate. In whichever direction the magnetic plate is placed above the nail the particles will re-align and arrange in a specific pattern and hence the effect it creates on your nail.


The broad tip of the nail polish brush allows for ease of application. I know that some people prefer a thin tip to a broad tip because a thin tip is more precise, but I prefer a broad tip because it covers a larger surface area and allows for easy and quick application

The nail polish has a hint of glitter and offsets the harsh black which adds a nice touch and is a nice change from plain black

The effect that the nail polish creates puts me in absolute awe every time I see it, I'm in love with the effect that the magnetic plate creates on the nail polish


In general quick drying nail polish is tricky to work with and requires some amount of skill

At times it was hard to work with the quick drying nail polish and the magnetic strip. I had to ask my brother to help me, he would hold the magnetic plate above my nail the minute I finished painting my nail

I realized because it was Winter and the air gets extremely dry it decreased the drying time of the nail polish and made it even more harder for the magnetic plate to imprint on the nail polish 

Overall, the product doesn't disappoint, it delivers the desired effects and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see the effects of magnetic nail polish

I have a tutorial on how to use the product correctly and will be uploaded....when I upload it *laughs*

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye! 


  1. I have a magnetic polish from Etude House. What I did was actually trying to experiment with different magnets I have at home, and because different shaped magnets have differently shaped magnetic fields, when I used one that was shaped like an oblong it had a really trippy effect haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

    I've followed you btw. Care to follow back?


  2. That's exactly what I tried! I used a round magnet and it just messed everything up and created no effect, ahaha! Following back! ^^