Magnetic nail polish tutorial

Friday, 29 June 2012  at 4:05 pm

I mentioned in my previous post that using magnetic nail polish is a bit tricky, so today I come with a tutorial on how to use the magic magnetic nail polish correctly

Let's begin!

Final look!

I noticed that if I held the magnetic plate at a specific angle it created the desired "magnetic effect" but when it was held at a 180 degree angle to my nail it didn't create any effect. Please take into account that I'm sharing my experience with the magnetic plate, it might work at a 180 degree on your nail but I found that if I held it at an angle it worked well for me

If held at a 45 degree angle to the nail it creates the best results

I hope that this tutorial was informative and all my lovelies could take something away from this tutorial!

Until we meet again!

Bye Bye

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