Updated layout

Monday, 18 June 2012  at 3:42 pm

Yes, I know I've been on and off mia'ing, but I caught the flu, literally in my throat *laughs* and I was sick for an entire week. Why does being sick have to suck? Being sick is never fun, and it seemed like this round of the flu I had full blown flu-like symptoms such as nausea. I never get nauseous when I get the flu. I've been at home SINCE exams ended, meaning I haven't left the house in, two weeks (?) Oh well, I'll make up lost time with favourite person!

Onto my layout! It's really been bugging me for a while, I love change and the old layout worked on every nerve in my body when I saw it. The only difference that I realised now....I lost my clock and I didn't realise *laughs* So, according to Google Chrome and Firefox my layout is meant to look somewhat something like this:

If there are any discrepancies such as the wallpaper looking weird, please leave me a comment in the comments box below! I realise that the title header isn't fixed I'm still working on it but 90% of the blog revamp is done. Yes, I know it isn't as "professional" looking as some other fashion blogs but this is my blog and I love it!

Posts...I know this is tiresome to read but WILL be more frequent, I have a line-up of posts ready and waiting to be posted!

So! until we meet again!

Bye Bye!

P.S I managed to get a cute clock but not my original cutey that sways relentlessly


  1. I like your new layout :3
    Very cutee!
    I like the clock haha~