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Monday, 1 December 2014  at 6:18 pm
Good Afternoon!

So all you lovely readers know (well hopefully know) that I am a skimper when it comes to make-up and the only mascara that I have tried in my make-up lifetime is Clinique's high impact mascara. Which left me with a huge amount of doubt as to whether or not I would ever apply mascara ever again. With that being said, I bring forth L'Oreal's amazing volume million lashes which just about gives me that fake eyelash look (which I love) and opens up my eyes, leaving me looking awake when I feel like death! I hope you enjoy this afternoon's post :)
You know what to do

As I mentioned before I was using Clinique's high impact mascara which left me with a more than lack luster attitude towards other mascara's. L'Oreal's volume million lashes in excess (the name is a bit tedious) fell into my lap by hopeful chance. My mum uses L'Oreal's dye products and of course they had to show the world their latest mascara that works wonders on the eyelashes. So yes I got this for free, but the retail price is approximately 179zar::$16.23 and can be purchased at any store that sells make-up. The color I received was in black and I'm not aware of any other color availability. I originally wanted to buy L'Oreal's Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara because anything that screams anime and manga I'll fork out money for, but the idea that I wouldn't be applying mascara everyday and it would lay to waste, put me off.
The volume million lashes claims to give excess volume, with no clump and separate each individual lash with its millionizer brush. One thing about companies is that they know how to make a product sound better than it actually is, when I first read the description about this product I was blown away, by something I had already tried. Firstly, the one gripe I have with this mascara is clumping, if one coat is applied onto the lashes there is no clumping. The minute you verge on 2-3 coats of mascara it starts clumping at the edges of my lashes which I hate! With that being said, that is the only gripe I have with this product, which is amazing since I find fault in almost everything that I buy. It adds the voluminous length that I love and I'm able to reach my tiny inner corner lashes without poking my eye out with the mascara brush. The mascara stays put all day on my lashes come rain or sunshine and it adds a bit of lift to my lashes, since I don't own an eyelash curler, that's a benefit.
I know that there are other mascara's in this range such as the L'Oreal volume million lashes-So Couture in black,Volume million lashes in black with a waterproof formula, Volume million lashes in the color brown and extra black. I wouldn't mind trying the So Couture mascara on my lashes since it has a rather aristocratic name attached to it (well I imagine it to be very aristrocratic).
I hope that this review was somewhat helpful and not to tedious.
Till we meet again!
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