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Wednesday, 26 November 2014  at 7:18 am
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How is everyone doing on this chilly but warm Summer day? Well it's Summer down here and I know in the North it's Winter...I wish it were Winter though. Today I have a review on one of Maybelline's vibrant color sensational lipsticks. When they promised vibrant color and a lipstick that will last all day, they weren't kidding! I hope you enjoy today's post! :) 

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I purchased Red Revival at Edgar's for roughly 120zar::$10.94, but for all the S.A readers you can purchase it from Zando for a little less. Bear in mind though they only have three shades left, so hurry, hurry, hurry if you want to get your hands on one of these babies!
For once this post isn't going to be about me raving and chanting about how pigmented and good this lipstick is. To be honest, after I had worn this I thought to myself "this is my new favorite shade of red" but then my mum informed that the color was way too dark for a daytime look. Let's be honest here, all of the lipstick shades that I buy are deep plums and reds and I wear them all the time during the day, because reserving a specific lipstick shade for a particular time of day doesn't faze me in the least. What changed my mind about this lipstick I will never know but I have ideas as to what it might possibly be. For starters I hate the smell, it's a sickening sweet smell that's a turn off every time I apply this lipstick, after a few hours if my lips are feeling really spiteful that day and decide to become dry while I'm wearing this lipstick they feel tight and taught. Secondly, on my skin tone I feel that instead of being a vibrant red, after oxidation it's more of a vibrant berry shade...which is not what I purchased.
In terms of staying power and wearability, dry lips might have a hard time with these lipsticks. Staying power is easily over 8+ hours when I had a meal it left a stain that could pass as a "just bitten" effect, which I did like. I'm a bit on the fence about this shade, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that doesn't like to stand out and be seen in the crowd. It's definitely a show stopper in itself but not for me.
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