Review|Revlon Color Moisture Stain in Milan Moment & Cannes Crush!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014  at 10:57 pm

For anyone that follows me on Google+ which has now become my version of instagram for the time being (you'll know what I mean when you see my feed on Google+) you would have probably guessed why my posts have been delayed a bit....once again. It's that time of the year where I set my dial to super slow and relax to the fullest! I won't lie but it's a bit difficult for me to relax when I've been on hyper drive for the past 11 months! But setting that aside, Revlon's color moisture stain has recently been launched down here in S.A. I'm not a fan of lip glosses because of bad experiences in the past. Lip glosses have always either been too sheer or so sticky that it feels like honey is dripping off my lips (eek!). On that note, wanna know how Revlon's color moisture stain fairs in my books? Read on for more! 


I purchased both Milan Moment and Cannes Crush at Edgar's for approximately 129zar::$11.17. I first laid eyes on the color moisture stain range when I was at Click's and to my knowledge there are 11 shades (Stockholm chic, India intrigue, New York scene, Parisian passion, Barcelona nights, Shanghai sizzle, Milan moment, Rio rush, Cannes crush, LA exclusive and London posh). I chose cannes crush and milan moment because I usually tend towards the deep plums and reds when it pertains to lipsticks and lip glosses and I needed a change in my usually all red and plum collection. Milan moment is a warm, orangey, lip gloss perfect for warm skin-tones such as myself and cannes crush is the perfect warm, pinky hued, lip gloss I've been searching for.  
Revlon claims that the color moisture stain range will drench lips in a glossy wet color (that doesn't sound appetizing to me at all!), is an ultra-light creamy lip-stain with Vitamin E and aloe without any stickiness. So, remember when I told you that companies have an impenetrable knack for making products sound ten times better than they actually are? This is no exception. Revlon definitely ticked most of the boxes with the claims surrounding their color moisture stain, but as far as the stain part is concerned, I fail to see it's appearance on my lips after a few hours. Firstly, with solely talking and going on about your normal activities you will need to re-apply every so often because the color wears off and becomes tired looking after a while. When I sampled tea in the mall at first I was surprised that I didn't get the yucky white residue that turns my stomach but then I was let down after a few hours when I saw the tell tale signs of the beginnings of the dreaded white residue! In no way does Revlon's website reflect the true colors of milan moment and cannes crush, below is what cannes crush looks like on my dual toned lips and on Revlon's website it's more pigmented and pinky hued. Which as you can see isn't true because on my lips it looks like a "my lips but better" type of lip gloss. Cannes crush experiences the most oxidation (turns a darker shade of pink, which I love) in comparison to milan moment which virtually undergoes no color change after a few hours. 
A word of warning, if you don't blot (or whatever it's called) a weird pigmented strip in the corners of your lip might appear. I have no idea why this happens but after I blot and re-apply and blot again and re-apply (which is how I apply all lipsticks) all is well in the lip gloss world and the pigmented strip doesn't rear its ugly head again.
Although the color moisture stains are super hydrating and comfortable to wear for the entire day, because of no stickiness, I wouldn't purchase any other colors or re-purchase anything. Solely because when I apply the lip glosses initially it feels like I'm smearing water on my lips...that's how "light" the formula is and I generally don't veer towards lip-glosses.

I hope this review was helpful!
Till we meet again!
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  1. would love to see your makeup collection video

  2. That's a really good idea Althea! But I'll have to mull over it first before I venture into making video's