Nail Art| Rimmel's Stardust #005 Total Eclipse

Saturday, 26 July 2014  at 12:45 pm
I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA lately, because I'm struggling with health issues once again, ugh! But I'm getting better after three days stuck in bed just sleeping my cells to death *laughs* I'm sure I've mentioned this before but I'm not an avid fan of textured nail-polishes what so ever. I use to think they look tacky and un-appealing! Until I saw OPI's liquid sand collection and I thought to myself "Hmm, that doesn't look too bad, I guess" I've always wanted to get my hands on a bottle but was never able to. Up until a few weeks ago, ok, sure it's not OPI's magnificent liquid sand collection, but it's pretty close and reminds me of it. I picked up Rimmel's Stardust as I said a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't been able to find another bottle in sight, discontinued maybe? I'm not sure. For the S.A readers I bought mine at Foschini for R49.95::$4.75, if you manage to find another bottle, let me know in the comments! :) I hope you enjoy today's post!

The texture takes me back to the sand liquid collection, which I slowly but surely fell in love with. I applied 3 coats on my nails, 2 coats is more than sufficient but for it show up on pictures (the texture) I had to apply 3 coats on my nails. I didn't experience any shrinking of the nail-polish on my nail and it lasts a good week without chipping.
Till we meet again!
Bye Bye! :)

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