Update| My Birthday!

Saturday, 12 July 2014  at 8:21 pm

I have no idea why it has taken me so long to update/post....I blame it on stitches and overall sleepiness *laughs* I'm not sure all of you know, but it is my birthday month and I just recently celebrated my 22nd birthday *yay...sarcasm*. Although I don't have that much to share, I hope all of you will enjoy what  little bit of fun I had on my special day. On that note, I also haven't mentioned that in my family we celebrate birthday's...well mine anyway until the end of the week, because usually the actual birthday, day isn't that  fun. With that being said, my mum and I decided to watch a movie on the spur of the moment and to my trepidation and despair the only movie she wanted to watch was "the fault in our stars"....for the second time! Although I bought the book, I never read it and instead made my mum read it who fell in love with it *laughs* I genuinely thought I wasn't going to tear up, but that movie had all the feels and was messing with my emotions! I blame it on the fact that I have a crush on Ansel Elgort and he just had to be the one that died in the movie *sad face* I hope you enjoy tonight's post! :)

More after the clickey!

To kick off the evening and with all birthdays at my house we have a bbcue because it's easier to cook everything and my mum doesn't need to slave away behind a stove cooking.

My amazing brother then decided two days before my birthday to decorate the birthday cake with Adventure Time (AT) characters! My brother and mum tried to keep it hidden from me but I always have a way of finding out secrets, best surprise ever! 

 Jake and Finn.

Ice kings penguins and the sneaky snail that's hiding in each AT episode.

 Lumpy space princess and BMO! My favorite character! I actually did a nail art design of BMO because I like him so much! :)

I'll be uploading my birthday haul very, very soon!

A day later I had my stitches removed which was the best thing that could have happened all week! I never knew how darn itchy and irritating stitches are! I've had stitches before, but I was too young to even remember what they felt like. Now I have a yucky scab like thing that hopefully won't leave a mark on my chest. Apparently what I had on my chest wasn't a blocked sebaceous gland, but the muscles surrounding the hair follicle that are responsible for making your hair stand on end when it's cold, and relax when it's hot, became blocked. Initially they thought there was something wrong with the nerve endings in the area, but that wasn't the case either. I now have to regularly check for any bumps that might re-cur and get them biopsied each time, to ensure it isn't anything bad.

I finally had my hair dyed again, which I've been waiting to do for ages, because I'm tired of seeing black hair reflect brown when exposed to light. Since my hairdresser dyed over my natural hair color you can see that some parts are black intermingled with red. I don't think I'll ever have the guts to bleach my hair, after I've seen how dry it makes your hair.

Fast tracking to today, my mum and I decided to visit a well known restaurant down here in S.A that we hadn't yet discovered yet, known as Tashas. I won't delve into the details as to how I came to know about this restaurant, but it does have to do with the well known paralympic and Olympic track star Oscar Pistorius. We arrived at the restaurant a little over 10 thinking that it wouldn't be that packed. To my utter horror it was packed to the brim mainly because it's winter down here and freezing in the mornings! I don't know about any of you guys but I hate waiting in line, luckily there was only a 5 min wait, and I was eater number 20 standing in line. For all the South African readers get to Tashas early in the morning because it's literally packed everyday all day no matter what time it is, in the afternoons the wait is even longer!

Although the wait can be excruciating at times, it is well worth it! The food is amazing and the prices even better, from what I ordered the damage was only R183::$17.08 and we got so much food that we had to package it and take it with us home.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this post!
Till we meet again!
Bye Bye! :)


  1. Happy birthday! Ahh I wanted to watch that movie, but so sad it got spoiled from your post D: The food also looks so good, especially the cheese fries!

  2. Happy birthday to you! Your cake looks amazingly cute, huge props to your brother for making it. *___*
    I'm glad that your stitches came out on your birthday~ Just by looking at the pictures of the food you ate makes me want to drool lol! I haven't watched TFIOS nor did I read the book yet, but I'll be sure to buy it for my trip. :D