Mini Haul| Forever New, Clinique & Call it Spring!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014  at 10:54 pm

I've been so pooped lately with running around and completing errands during my holiday! Tonight marks the very first post of the new month, my birthday month! I am super excited (not because I'm getting older) because I feel like I've finally reached a point where I live my life with the slogan #NoRegrets. That's my slogan from now on and I'll continue to live by it, because a life lived with regrets and disappointment is a life half lived *laughs* I hope you enjoy tonight's post! :)
Since the weather has been getting chilly down here (I can't stand 4 degree cold mornings anymore) I decided to stock up on warm fuzzy sweaters! There's been so many sales down here, but alas, I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Forever New had a sale (I wish it would never end sale) and they had the cutest olive green parka. I swear, it had fleece lining to keep you extra warm in Winter and if that's not a perk enough, during Summer you can remove the fleece lining (because it's detachable, how awesome?) and wear it as a cute cover up. I went to the sales assistant and asked her if there were any left in the other stores and with a grin she said no...needless to say I approached her because she was wearing the parka I wanted. But my heart isn't completely shattered that I didn't manage to buy it, so I'll keep searching!

I'm sure all of you know that I'm constantly in search for cute earrings that can make my conch and rook piercing look more...acceptable? I still haven't found anything for the rook piercing, but cute nautical earrings mixed with "I'm a princess" I've been able to find. I found the earrings below in my downtown China Town.

These babies *points below* have put a huge smile on my face for two reasons! 1. I never wear heels, and wearing them makes me feel oddly liberated in a way and 2. I walked with them for almost 4+ hours max in a mall and after the pain of breaking them in, they're my new best friends! I honestly hope this will not be the last time you see heels on this blogs...keep your fingers crossed! :)

So as I've mentioned it's winter down here (not quite full on Winter, but it's close enough) and my skin has been suffering as a result. I never knew (and there are a lot of things I don't know) that oily combination skin, can succumb to the drying effects of un-moistured air (is that a word?)! When I started seeing dry patches on the circumference of my nose, I decided enough is enough with this crappy dry skin. I've always hated any of Clinique's moisture surge range, because the last thing an oily combination skin type wants on their face is heaps of grease that feels like chicken fat on your skin! Their moisture surge mask was obviously designed with us oily combination skin types in mind, because this mask is suitable for all skin types. It absorbs super fast and is non-greasy! I apply it at night because it is an overnight mask after all and in the morning my skin is super hydrated and flake free I absolutely love it!  I picked mine up at Foschini for approximately 200zar::$18.73.

I hope you enjoyed tonight's post!
And till we meet again!
Bye Bye! :)


  1. You really have several wonderful additions to your wardrobe. My favorites are the black shoulder-embellished sweater and the pink sweater.


  2. I love the embellished sweater! Those shoes are so cute!

    Beauty Schooled

  3. I love the sheath dress-the lace detail is beautiful!

  4. Thank you so much Hansen! I'm glad you like it :)

  5. Love the relaxed white tee! Great haul :)

    Aissa // Aissa Carmela

  6. Oh I'll take one each of the sweaters and tops. Comfortable looking for sure.