Mega Haul| Forever New, Cotton On, TopShop and Trueworth's!

Monday, 3 February 2014  at 6:43 pm

Today I have a mega of haul that is a culmination of the end of season sales that all the fashion stores are currently having! This time I can say I scored big time when it came to TopShop sales which I'm super happy about! I ended up paying a visit to TopShop very late and almost didn't end up visiting them, most of the items that I bought at TopShop I bought between the ranges of 30-99zar (2.68-8.86$). Which gives me a sense of satisfaction because they earned next to no profit on any of the items they had on sale! The sale items were marked down so low because, they had to make space for new stock and wanted to get rid of the old. The first shop that I stopped at and the shop that I stalked for a good solid three weeks was Forever New! Oh, Forever New how I love the quality of your clothing! Forever New first had their end of season sale which was pretty decent at a markdown of 50%. They then had their promotional sale offer which occurs on the weekend where they mark down the sale items down an extra 30%! During these times I picked up items I really wanted (like the pyjama pants trend), a glass storage holder (for rings and bracelets) and a make-up bag. I don't know if anyone else does this, but my mum has a strict rule of buying absolutely nothing in December. We don't even buy Christmas gifts anymore because everything gets marked down in the New Year which is why this haul is so huge! I hope you enjoy today's post!

This picture doesn't capture half the things I bought, it's just an estimation! *laughs*

::China Mall::

I finally got my hands on a pair of tattoo tights! Although they don't look like tattoo tights on me, but just regular tights I love them! They're so pretty! Down here, everything takes ages to get shipped down here, but when it finally arrives I'm beyond thrilled! 

I thought these would be cute stud drop down earrings, but my second ear piercing is to close to my first so it sucks that I can't wear two studs at a time. I hardly wear these, but they're so pretty!

::Forever New::

The pyjama pants trend (well that's what I call it)! I love slouchy pants, but since I have a pear shaped body (wider hips and soft shoulders) it's hard to find the right fit and material that won't accentuate my hips. Luckily these are made from a polyester mix so they skim over my hips, which I love!

I love fuzzy sweaters! They're especially handy when I don't want to dress up for uni and can just put this on for a quick outfit. I've been eyeing a denim skater skirt for a while and I'm glad I got my hands on one. This was intially way too big, because my waist is narrow, so my mum had to put elastic in the waistband and it fits like a charm!

I didn't actually want to buy these dark wash denim shorts, because I don't think it does anything spectacular for my body type. But I guess because of the dark wash they aren't too bad!


::Trueworth's, K7 Star, Diva, an Iphone 5 and Cotton On::

Finally! The Kimono! I would have liked it to have been a bit shorter, because it swamps my small frame. But I'll deal with it and wear it like a cloak *laughs*

I'm finally on the Iphone bandwagon! And I'm not ashamed that I have betrayed Android (Sorry!). It's probably a brand it is a brand thing that's why I've always wanted an Iphone, I love it so much!

I can't afford the authentic white converse sneakers *laughs* so I went searching in my home-town for an affordable rip off version, ahahha, and I found these! I think they look pretty similar, not like anyone cares what I wear on my feet.

I hope you've enjoyed looking and reading this lengthy post!
So till we meet again!
Bye Bye!


  1. Cute clothes! You picked up a lot of great pieces, I especially love the two necklaces!

    1. Thanks Bernadyn! Glad you like the pieces I picked out :)

  2. Wow! Awesome haul! Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Wow so many things! I'm surprised all the stuff you got were so cheap too. I visited Topshop like a month ago, when the sales had just started and the stuff were still super expensive.. like $30-60 ON SALE. I love the glass jar you got! Are Converses super expensive there or something? If I'm not mistaking, they can probably be found for $25-40 in the US, so not TOO much more expensive compared to a knockoff, but then again, maybe it's expensive because it's imported, I dunno ^^;;

    1. When I went to the sale at the beginning of the month the sale items were ridiculously priced as well and they were MEANT to be on sale =.= I actually went to an outlet store where TopShop is renting space and that's where they were selling the things at a ridiculously cheap price! Yea, I think the converse's are super expensive ($72) because it's imported, it sucks! I bought the rip-off's for only $27! :)

  4. OMG so many stuffssssss! *A* I'm dying here wanting all of them. damn. My favourite is the black sweater omg it looks super cozy and super cuteeeeeeeeee with the skater skirt~ and I loveeeee the bomber jacket so much <3 It's so prutteeyyyy! The tattoo leggings are super cute tooo. Gawd now I feel like going for some crazy shopping *dies*

    1. Yay! :) Glad you like the haul Bella! And you should totally go for some crazy shopping! XD

  5. WOW you bought so many stuff! But since they were all on sale, it's good! I've always found shopping around December or June a bad idea because you just know everything will be on sale shortly! I really like the jewelry holder : O It's soooo pretttty! I have an obsession with pretty glass jars : O

    1. Yupp when they're on sale, it's like a "get out jail free card" to go mad with shopping! XD I use to cave in December and June and buy pretty things for a pretty price, and I use to think "this will NEVER go on sale I should just buy it" only to find it's for the fraction of the price later down the line! Self-constraint is a hard thing when it comes to shopping XD ahaha I have an obsession with pretty glass jars too, there's something pure about them that makes me love them!

  6. omg that Floral Bomber jacket is so beautiful! it looks super comfy yet stylish!
    thanks for sharing! <3