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Saturday, 15 February 2014  at 10:10 pm

Tonight I have my first ever sponsored post which I'm really excited to share with everyone! I'm sure most of you lovely readers have heard about ShopLately, for those of you who haven't it's an online store that houses unique designers that sell their products online. I've never delved into ShopLately before because I never order items online, but when I saw all the goodies that were on sale (skirts, shorts, midi rings, jewellery, you name it!) I was tempted to place an order! The first thing that popped to mind when I saw ShopLately was that it reminded me of Etsy! I love the idea of a website creating a portal for micro and macro fashion retailers to sell their items and advertise them free of charge. I can't offer any feedback on the quality of the items that are sold by the retailers on ShopLately because I haven't ordered anything from them yet. One thing that did disappoint me slightly, was that they didn't have a big enough section that constituted tattoo tights! *laughs* Other than that, there's a huge variety of jewellery, clothing and shoes. You're certain to find what you're looking for on ShopLately! Since I haven't ordered anything off of ShopLately, I've created college/uni outfit ideas for Summer and chillier days! I hope you like them!  

Screenshot of the homepage of ShopLately.

1. "Fuck your designer shirt" by Look Human 2. Shredded Vega Shorts by Excess Baggage 3. Candy Color White Mini Backpack by Chickwish Limited 4. Vince Camuto Madalline Boot in Grey 5. Tying the Knot Ring 6. "Love U" midi ring (Stainless Steal) by WanderLustiny 7. Flight of Imagination Sunglasses by ZooShoo.

1. Acid Billy Denim Loose fit Shirt by Very Honey 2. Bitch, I Might Be Cropped Tee by Jac Vanek 3. The Audrey Short by Urban Eclectics 4. Black Chunky cut out Buckled Boots 5. Fringed Adventurer Tote Bag by Glint & Gleam 6. Maroon Infinity Scarf by Third Palace.   

I hope you liked my picks for those chillier and summer days at uni/college! I'm off to bed and till we meet again!
Bye Bye!


  1. Very cool, thanks for sharing! Have you checked out the tattoo tights on Etsy? They have a pretty good selection. I ended up buying them for my best friend's bday.

    1. Yupp I checked them out on Etsy May :) that's where I first saw them and fell in love with them!

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