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Wednesday, 12 December 2012  at 2:11 pm

Afternoon Lovelies!

I have another fun and interesting review from Bornprettystore! I was gifted the Luminous nailpolish from Bornprettystore. At first I was excited because down here there are no glow in the dark nailpolishes, and receiving products that haven't yet been shipped to my country are always fun to receive. My excitement faltered a bit when I realized the challenges that faced my camera man (my brother) when taking the pictures, because the effect of the nailpolish is best seen at night, of course the pictures could only be taken at night. My brothers 18-55mm lens struggled a bit to capture the images and because the effect literally only lasts for a few seconds, you have to work extremely fast! The Luminous nailpolish can be bought here along with various other nail art. 

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The luminous nailpolish works on the same principle as the "Magic magnetic nailpolish" I reviewed here. The particles within the nailpolish are responsible for the luminous green glow that's seen in hopefully all of the pictures to follow below.


  1. The luminous effect of the nailpolish is eye catching and seeing your nails light up at night puts a smile on my face every time!
  2. The formula is thick and easy to work with, because the formula is so thick it picks up more of the particles and allows for more of that pretty luminous glow
  3. When layered over nail art it shows off the design of the nail art beautifully 


  1. It takes 1-2 minutes for the luminous glow to wear off
  2. To "experience" the full effect of the luminous glow a UV light bulb has to be used such as a torch or lamp, or, natural sunlight will work well too. The time it takes for the particles to re-energize themselves takes about 1-2 minutes as well. The reason why this is a con because I believe the time it takes for the particles to re-energize themselves and start glowing shouldn't be the same amount of time. I would have liked for the polish to have maintained its strong glow for a longer period of time
  3. When the polish is layered over white nailpolish, it adds a orange tinge to it, for some that may be a nice effect but I don't particularly like it. I prefer my nailpolish to be the same color as how I applied it
  4. It's tricky to work with if you don't have a top notch camera (not bad mouthing the D3100 here) because the luminous glow is hard to pick up under very dark lighting that's why glow sticks were used in my pictures 

And finally a question for my lovelies-In my upcoming tutorial, what type of aspects would you like me to address? Such as would you like a more general tutorial, on how I applied my nailpolish what nail base did I use or if I used a topcoat or not? Or how did I create my nail art and what equipment did I use. Or a more informative review on the wearability, cost, durability, my overall impression on the product, the camera settings used and any tips I have to give out.

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