Lusts| Christmas Wishlist

Thursday, 6 December 2012  at 8:15 pm

Good news lovelies! I'm FINALLY a third year biochem and physiology majorette! *big cheer* Gosh, I worked so hard and my hard work payed off! I'm super happy! I decided to compile my Christmas Wishlist so that when I return to my hometown I know what to buy when I'm down there!

Tattoo pantyhose 

 No idea where I got these, so, credit goes to the owner of these images 

I could probably buy these anytime, when my country decides to import them, but for now, they're on my wishlist.

New earphones

No idea where I got this, so, credit goes to the owner of this image

Don't you just hate it when you have to bend your earphones to get sound in that one ear bud that just refuses to work? I have this problem now, and it's becoming a nuisance! I've always wanted beats and my mum said she would buy them for me if I passed second year....and I did. Beats please!

Canon EOS 5D

As you all know, I'm currently using my brothers Nikon D3100 to take all my pictures. It's such a hassle because a) he doesn't want me using his camera and b) I have to change to the zoom lens ALL the time without him knowing about it either *laughs* I would honestly, love, a new camera.

 A new backpack for university

I'm tired of walking around with a stupid Karrimor and since my mum is buying me a Windows 8 Tablet to take notes on, I want something more stylish and not so boring. I always believe that if you have nice things around you especially at university (pencil case, backpack, books, notepad) university will be a lot easier *laughs* I wouldn't mind a Hello Kitty backpack though.

Conch piercing

Taken from Hyuna's "Ice-cream" MV

Hyuna, definitely inspired me to get my second piercing and now my conch piercing which I'm going to get next week Friday *big cheers all around*

External hard-drive

I'm tired of using DVD's to store all my things on, I'm hoping my brother will buy it for me *fingers crossed*

Windows 8 tablet

This speaks for itself, it's complete awesomness!

[*as a side note]

White tattoo

I have no idea how this is done, but, it looks pretty nice.

I'd love to hear from all my lovelies what your Christmas Wishlist is, or what you have in mind.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!

Until we meet again!

Bye Bye!


  1. Definitely with ya on the tattoo stockings and tablet. The chances of me getting those are slim to none though. Hopefully you have better luck haha.

    Thanks for sharing~


  2. Thanks for commenting Ada! And hopefully *fingers crossed* I'll have better luck.

  3. Those backpacks look adorable! That's quite the wishlist, all the best in getting them all! And also, congratulations on successfully reaching third year!

  4. Now that I think about it, my ways haven't changed since I was young my Christmas wish list is still as long as ever XD Thanks for commenting and reading! ^^

  5. Firstly congrats on entering your third year at Uni! :) Secondly I am loving some of the items on your wishlist, I wanted tattoo tights as well but I can't seem to find the styles I want in shops right now. And I don't know how to use DSLR cameras but I want one! Looking for a more easy one to use xD

  6. Thanks for the congrats Michy! I wish the stores down here had tattoo tights >< Ahahaha, I don't know how to use my brothers D3100 all I know what to do is point and shoot, ahaha XD