Haul| Pants, shoes & Tops

Monday, 3 December 2012  at 8:51 pm

I swear, I'm getting so tired lately and I have no idea why because, my days consist of watching tv, watching anime and talking online. One thing I hate about talking to people online, is they feel that if they respond 30 minutes late it's acceptable. I swear, if I could shove my foot up their ass through the dam phone I would, but I wouldn't even want to shove my foot up their ass because it'll be dirty. I'd rather shove it in their face and kick half their teeth out. I HATE people that respond late and take their time to respond. But, then again I virtually have no patience for anything and I get angry very quickly, didn't I just inherit the worst traits from my mother *laughs* Of all the traits I inherited I had to inherit, no patience, a slow pace, getting angry very quickly and being a miser with my own money but not towards other peoples money *laughs*

*bought all these items on sale

Excuse the plasters on my toes *laughs* but I wore a pair of shoes that I presumed I had "broken" into already, but apparently I didn't, I had blisters on ALL my toes, it was so painful!

I thought these floral pants would be too loud, but surprisingly they aren't at all because of the black as the base color.

I absolutely LOVE these ribbed skirts! They pull in my hips.

For some reason when I tried on this skirt again, it was too tight around my butt area, but I think it's because when I took these pics my weight was at its lowest and now I'm too fat to fit into it *sob*

I've been waiting for AGES for a blazer to be on sale! Luckily this one was and! I love the fit of it.

I apologize for the stupid two part body shot but I was balancing the camera on my bed so it wasn't high enough to take a full body shot and besides I don't own a tripod stand, oh how I wish I did.

I'm trying to transition myself into wearing heels, so I thought these would be a pretty good start but for some reason they're so awkward to walk in. I struggle to balance in them and I feel so stupid wearing them but they do look great, I'm just waiting for the opportunity to wear them at a special event!

I hope everyone is having a some what pleasant working week so far!

Until we meet again!

Bye Bye!


  1. Those wedges are so cute! What brand are they and where did you buy them from?

  2. Thanks! And they aren't a so to say brand name I bought them from Foschini, I doubt there'll be a store like that where you live ><'' Since as far as I know I think it's exclusive to my country

    1. Aww darn it. Those were SO cute too! Absolutely love the color and style! Great buys :)

    2. Thank you so much Angee! And thanks for commenting! i did some research and thought that the shop might have an online store but it doesn't, only an online catalog, sorry about that ><