Death friday~

Friday, 25 March 2011  at 7:31 pm

SO~! I wrote a statistics test today, it was okay at first, really I knew what was going on, but then, WHABAM~! The last question K.O'ed me~! It didn't give me the raw data...I had to work it out....luckily I knew that I had to do that, my brain exceeded my expectations for once. I've been having problems logging into the uni's online education program....anyway, I don't care about it anyway. My math tutor, who happens to be a lecturer at a neighbouring university (kehe) told me that out of 1000 students only 300 passed the semester test. That just scares and makes me more determined to work harder~!

There won't be any piccu's today, haven't had time to take any piccu's....more like my mum is sick of having to take piccu's of her daughter (ahaha). Will definitely have some piccu's up tomorrow.

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