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Wednesday, 23 March 2011  at 6:10 pm
Just came back from uni, like 30 minutes ago, and found this on, I almost fell off my chair when I saw this :

Dam....I have no words.

ANYWAY~! I don't blame you if you get distracted by the piccu above =p. So, I watched beautiful minds in psychology class today. The entire movie basically revolves around a mathematical genius and his gradual development of schizophrenia. At first I was like, your kidding me right? This is dam, boring, but then it got to the scrumptious parts. It turns out the mathematical genius believed he was working for the CIA? I don't know something like that. I felt so sorry for him, imagine living a life that isin't there, and everyone else around you tells you, "yo~! your living in a freakin delusionall shiiitake world, lets give you some meds and you'll be all better again." Nope, no, never want that happening to me. After the psych lecture, I kinda questioned myself, I thought I might be schizophrenic...yeah, weird. I wrote calculus today, was oki, wasn't bad, wasn't good, it was inbetween hunger and sleep. Ahaha. Dam, im tired, im half past dead and listening to far east movement, girls on the dancefloor, full blast. NEED SLEEP~!


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