Monday, 21 March 2011  at 10:39 am

I've been through so many of these introductory posts, it's sickening. I've had about 3 blogs before this crisp, clean and fresh one. It's a disgrace, ahaha. Ugh, mblaq is distracting me with their awesome music, anyway. So, my name isin't Ayaka, it's a stage name, but you can call me aya. I'm currently an aspiring biochemist, I'm not actually going to become a biochemist, I'm going to specialize in haematology, because that's where my interest lies. Um, I love DBSK (whoop, whoop) and the gazette, love my gaze boys. I love photoshop, don't be hating now coz I love it, OKI? Oh, im a fashion addict in training, I don't really know how to dress my 1.57cm, pear shaped body...yupp I'm about 5 feet 2 inches...I don't know if the conversion is correct, I googled it, ahaha. One day, I would love to travel to Japan and Korea, especially Korea, seems hecka interesting. Besides I love Kpop. This blog will primarily focus on OFTD's, what happens in my everyday life, lots of pic spams of what I buy and my nail art. Oh~! I have a HUGE nailpolish collection, take a look:

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