Haul|Forever New, TopShop & New Balance!

Saturday, 22 November 2014  at 7:04 am

It's currently 06.29am and according to my phone my sleep quality is only at 52%....which would explain why I feel like a truck just drove head on into my skull! With that being said, today's post is not going to consist of a bunch of words explaining why I bought everything or what the quality of the clothes are like. Let's be honest here, I only buy what I like and usually the clothes I buy are of a good quality and by good I mean after one wash it doesn't fade *laughs* I hope you enjoy this mornings post!

You know what to do!

By cut off bodycon I mean that it is a short sleeved bodycon....I know my descriptions don't make sense sometimes. 
 So about a few months back, I bought a green parka from Edgar's and raved about the store clerk stole the parka I wanted at Forever New which had fleece lining. I finally found this parka in Trueworth's on sale as always with fleece lining which can be removed for Summer! I love the color since I think royal blue looks good with my skintone, I'm in love!
 First off I need to tell you a little story about these New Balance's. When I went out shopping with the brother I saw the stand that said boldly in the New Balance store "2 for 600zar::$54.79, 1 for 300zar::$27.39" at first I thought it was a good deal, but with my brother being a cheapskate he wouldn't budge and give in to the deal. I finally racked up enough money and went out with my mum and bought these babies when they had rotated stock and displayed way more interesting colors, and this is how these babies were bought. I absolutely love them because they're comfortable and I can't afford a pair of Nike sneakers which I would love to buy someday!
 The cellphone company that I'm registered with finally decided to partner with the Apple store so I can fulfill all my desires. I finally managed to get an iPad Air on contract and gave my Samsung Galazy Tab to my mum. All I need now is a Macbook Air and I'll be all set *grins*

For any S.A readers, the Forever New outlet store is in the Woodmead shopping store off the N1!

I hope you enjoyed this post and till we meet again.
Bye Bye!

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