Review| Inglot's Gel Eyeliner!

Friday, 14 November 2014  at 7:26 pm

I'm finally done with exams! I'd say that I am relieved, beyond overjoyed and all those emotions that express gratitude and joy, but anxiously whether or not I'm going to further my academic career is piercing my skin. Speaking of piercing skin, my rook piercing after 10 months is still temperamental and tends to flare up occasionally. Which isn't fun at all. I'll write an update story soon on what I've been experiencing with my rook thus far. But for tonight, let's get onto Inglot's amazing gel eyeliner! I hope you enjoy tonight's post :)


So right off the bat, I'm going to tell you that I'm utterly smitten and in love with this product! If any of you have read my "Rimmel Scandal Eyes Review" you'll know why falling in love with Inglots gel eyeliner was so easy for me. I've always known that Inglot was a good make-up brand, but since I'm a newbie at make-up (I'll keep saying this until I'm blue in the face) and items that are pricey scare me, I've never ventured to the Inglot counter before in my life. That is, until I received a 200zar::$18.01 voucher from my dear father *grins*! I'll almost never spend money on make-up unless it's less than 100zar::$9 or I receive a voucher, that's just how cheap I am. I picked this gem up for 99zar::$8.91 and bought the 23T make-up brush from Inglot. Since I don't own a eyeliner brush....since I used my Foerver New one as a clean up brush for nail art *laughs*
The product is creamy, it's luxurious it hasn't dried up yet, thank heavens! I was hesitant to open this pot since it's like a race after you open it to finish it before it dries up. I have no idea who wears gel eyeliner everyday, but I'm sure mine's going to dry up in no time. No uni student has the time for a cat eye everyday *laughs* For the 5.5g of product you get, I think it's a pretty good deal, no, actually it is a good deal, because still....I have no idea who would finish this pot in a year or less...
Skinny or fat line, it can do it all! The staying power of the gel also amazes me, I don't know if I have oily lids or not, since lids are lids to me, but this stays on forever on my lids. Even after I try and remove it with make-up remover an alluring line stays put on my upper lid *laughs* I love it!
I could only reproduce two eyeliner looks since those are the only ones I'm capable of doing *laughs* at least I tried. My advice for any newbie, start off with a gel eyeliner, if you can draw a straight line on a page and squiggle it a bit to become a curved line, you can do a cat eye. 

I hope this review was helpful!
Till we meet again!
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  1. I've never used a gel eyeliner before. I don't know why, probably because pencils are easier for me. It looks like a great product though!

  2. Thank you Pandora! I'm glad they worked out well for me too :)

  3. It definitely is a great product May :)