Quickie Life Update!

Saturday, 9 November 2013  at 7:29 pm
Evening Lovelies!

I know I haven't been updating for a whiiiile! So to kick start (in other words to get me in the swing of posting again) I'll give a quickie of an update of what's been going on here in the South! 

It's Summer! (oh boy, time to start smelling like a pig again and drown in a pool of your own sweat)
Exams have ended and my Bioinformatics exam went like sh*t
I'm done with my final year of uni *yay* (honours board, please accept me for honours next year!)
I have plans to get another piercing (keke)
I recently went to a car expo and said I was in the 13-16 year old age category to get a cheaper ticket (kekeke)
Nothing's actually been happening the entire time I've been MIA so if you've read until the end I love you!

And! Happy Movember! My step grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago, thankfully he's doing better now. Fully fledged supporter of Movember!

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!