Movie| My PS Partner [6 December 2012]

Thursday, 13 June 2013  at 2:20 pm
          Afternoon Lovelies!

I thought it might be fun to show all you lovely people the type of movies that I watch or that have really interested me. Please be assured I am in no way a movie critic and I'm not here to give you a comprehensive three page essay on a movie, I am merely just sharing some thoughts and loads of screen shots of a movie that I happen to like. Now that the formalities are over, I hate it that it always takes me a while to find good movies with a plot, especially if it's a romance movie. I either find that most of the time it revolves around a flimsy plot, of girl meets boy [which is the majority of all of them]. My PS Partner might I add is no different, the only difference is that girl meets boy over phone while dialing what she presumes to be her boyfriends number. I can't exactly explain why I love this movie so much..I just do. Some parts of the movie made me think about my own relationship, that sometimes it just feels that no matter how much you try to please someone they just take you for a fool. What made the movie extra special were the songs that Hyun-Seung and Yoon-Jung sing to each other, "Show me your panties" and "Show me your heart" respectively. If you wanna hear them click here and here.

That being said I do believe that everyone who is interested in romance movies should check it out! I feel that this was the best Korean Romance movie that I've watched in a very long time! Oh, and a side warning there is a bit of nudity that literally adds nothing to the development of the plot, so just skip those parts. Oh, another reason why I love this movie, Ji Sung who plays Hyun-Seung in the movie, nuff said.

 *All credit goes to the directors and company that produced the film*

If anyone has suggestions for a good romance movie I'd love to know in the comments section below!

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!  

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