Nail Art| Fun with a sharpie

Tuesday, 14 May 2013  at 6:33 pm
Evening Lovelies!

Phew! Uni is so hectic this year! Especially protein biochemistry, with all these amino acids and ramachandran plots it's killing me! But all that aside! I finally got my hands on a Sharpie! I know in all honesty it doesn't sound fascinating to those up north (in those awesome countries) but down here we literally get like nothing up to date. Maybe besides the occasional phone, but when I saw Sharpies at my Uni's stationary store, I almost jumped for joy *laughs* So, the first thing I did with my Sharpie was obviously try my hand at nail art. I tried doing stripes bordering on aztec print(?) it looked great from far but up close you can see how unsteady my hand is *laughs*. So, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

I hope everyone will have a wonderful week!
Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!

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