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Tuesday, 21 May 2013  at 6:49 pm
Morning Lovelies!

I think this has to be the first post that I've ever done just before going to university. I'm sure most of you are use to all nighters and I absolutely loathe them! For some reason when I pull an all nighter like last night I'm awake in the early hours of the morning (it's now 06:13am), at least I have tomorrow off *smiles* I don't think I've mentioned it before, or perhaps I have, but down here we have an online store that allows the customer to cash on delivery (COD). I've never ever had experience with shopping online to be honest, mainly because I don't have a pay pal account or any account for that matter. My mother isn't fond of paying things online either, because of the risk associated with it, so when I found out about Zando and their COD service I was thrilled! The items on website, sometimes you can't find in stores, but most likely you'll be able to buy it in store. I feel that the store is for those that don't want to go out and look for what they want in stores. I'm not like that though, looking and lurking for specials and sales is what I thrive on. But, when I first received my Zando package the excitement of opening a package and seeing what's inside (although you know what you've ordered) get's me every time with joy!


 ::sugar plum #080::

::confetti #086::

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!


  1. I have no idea how big the box actually is but it looks huge for those three items LOL. Nice choice in color/nails!

    I'm not sure how it is in your country, but online shopping in my experience is totally safe..and I do it quite often. Paypal is safe too and millions of people use it. If they weren't then I don't think so many sites would accept them nor would people use it.

    1. Thanks Jessica! The box was totally too big for the three items I swear, I could have fit a t-shirt in that box! I guess paypal and that sorta stuff is safe, but when you have a mother that is always preparing for the worse scenario it's hard to tell them "it's ok to buy things online" XD

  2. Great post! I just discovered your blog, I am following you now, can you follow me back?
    Xs Neja